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Anchored Style Partnering with World Vision

We had a warehouse full of products that need to be worn, and there are natural disasters coming one after the other. Devastation everywhere. When my friends and family were hunkering down in my home state of Florida with Hurricane Irma coming through, God laid it on my heart to make a huge donation to use Anchored Style apparel and accessories to be a blessing to thousands of people's lives who have lost everything.

We are excited to be partnering with World Vision to reach people in need. I got to work packing up 3 pallets of women's and men's polo shirts, tank tops, light weight fleece sweatshirts, visors, sunglasses, and stadium cups and they coordinated the logistics to get our goods distributed to people affected by hurricane Irma, Harvey, Maria, and the earthquake in Mexico. 

I feel so blessed with the opportunity to be generous! Please join me in praying for people in need all over the world and being generous as well with your time, money, material goods, and prayers. 

Thank you,

Lauren McCombs

Founder & Designer, Anchored Style Inc.





October 19, 2017 by Lauren McCombs
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